Rendering 360 images

If you don’t want to rely on external servers you can serve it directly creating a 3D with Marzipano. The process is simple and then you can download your results in a typical folder with index.html structure. Here is an example of a simple panorama guide with 2 connected points.

Adding renders to a 360 image

Here is an example using a panorama downloadable from Google Street View. Here is the original view, and Efrén López is the author of the original image. I guess he captured it with a dron and a Ricoh Theta S. The image quality is shocking, and makes my insta360 x2 look much worse even if they have the same sensor size.

In this case we have generated a 3D model to integrate it later within a 360 image. This can be done with blender (equirectangular projection), but you must be aware of optical corrections and perspective (among other things…).

Adding a 360 photo from external services (Roundme, but there are others)

There are ways to serve this 360 images from an external service. Here you have an example done it with Roundme. With this tool you can also create visits.

In a future post we will demostrate how a render can be done within a 360 image and video. It is easy to say but quiet hard to do, so be patient…

If you need rendering over 360 photos or simple photos, don’t hesitate to contact us.